Whether for Business or Pleasure, Our Bar Seals the Deal.
What's your pleasure? A Bowmore 40 Year? Perhaps a Macallan '46? If fine Scotch is your passion, we proudly offer one of the largest collections of rare single malts in the Southwest. Plus, our fully stocked bar features more than 100 brands of choice for any cocktail. Add to that our exclusive collection of fine Cognacs, Ports and Madeiras, and more than 60 sizes and brands of the world's finest cigars, and you won't find a better, more relaxing place for business or pleasure anywhere.

At Pappas Bros., we feature more than 2,300 of the world's finest wines in our collection of 25,000 bottles and both our bartenders and wine stewards are trained to help you find the perfect bottle of wine for your tastes, your meal, and your occasion. You are always welcome to eat at the bar if you prefer.

Whether you are eating, or simply relaxing with a before- or after-dinner drink, it's our privilege to serve you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your time with us more enjoyable.
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